Steven Soderbergh "Isn't Afraid" to Pack Magic Mike With Full Frontal!

With all those abs, which cast member is going to be the first to show the goods

By Ted Casablanca, John Boone Aug 18, 2011 8:02 PMTags
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Well this is shaping up to be our favorite movie...ever.

We were already excited to see Alex Pettyfer and Channing Tatum shake what their mamas gave 'em in Steven Soderbergh's stripper flick, Magic Mike. And that was before we heard that über-hot Matthews—White Collar's Bomer and McConaughey—and True Blooder Joe Manganiello were set to strip as well.

So with all this man meat, will we get to see some of the goods?

We hear yes!

"Stephen isn't afraid of going there," a source thisclose to the picture tells us when we asked about the possibility of full frontal. "I'm sure he will do it."

Did ya hear that? That was the sound of every gal and gay guy's jaw dropping.

None of the dudes have ever showed their ding-a-lings on the big screen before, but none have been particularly shy about displayin' their bangin' bods in the past, either.

We're counting McConaughey out, as he's set to play an ex-exotic dancer who only owns the club (plus, we haven't heard any mention of bongo drums in the script). Which leaves (for now) Pettyfer, Tatum, Bomer and Manganiello.

So which stud will go Full Monty first?

Our money's on Pettyfer. He's got the most to prove, after all.

Of course, Joe M. is awfully proud of that magnificently sculpted bod, right? Could it be him?

Heck, we'll be happy with some cute toosh shots of the rest, though.

And we know it's been said before, but if there ever was a time for 3-D, it's now!