The Game's Off the Hook—and on a Pedestal—After Sheriff-Pranking Tweets

"Freedom of speech is part of what has made this country great," sheriff's captain says in announcing that the rapper won't face charges for jamming up the Compton Station's switchboard

By Natalie Finn Aug 18, 2011 3:10 AMTags
The GameAP Photo/Jeff Christensen

Next stop for The Game: Honorary deputy?

In announcing that the rapper wouldn't face charges for tweeting out the number of its Compton, Calif., station, thereby prompting a major switchboard jam, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department also practically thanked The Game—who later explained himself and apologized—for his underlying message about the importance of public safety.

"The apology by the rapper The Game Wednesday on CNN about the Flashcalls incident of August 12 involving Compton Sheriff's Station is relevant and well received," read a statement from Capt. Mike Parker obtained by E! News.

"His willingness to help share with the media and the community that the safety of the public is what is most important, is a great message."

Well, that's how he do.

After the station traced the source of the unrest to The Game, who had posted an offer of an internship along with the station's number, the Compton native fired back, "Yall can track a tweet down but you cant solve murders!" Etc.

But, according to Parker, the incident was thoroughly investigated and, based on the sheriff's department's findings and a consultation with the L.A. County District Attorney's Office, no criminal charges would be filed against The Game (aka Jayceon Taylor).

"Freedom of speech is part of what has made this country great," Parker continued. "Peace officers are sworn to uphold and protect that right, and we welcome that responsibility. The challenge is that law enforcement, the news media, and celebrities are also facing the challenge of how to address each new social media issue that arises."

"While there are various laws that could be applicable in this case, there are certain aspects that have not quite caught up with the rapid pace of new media and all that it brings, which includes a lot of good as well as some rough edges. We are working with legal experts to address what type of legislation may be considered to specifically address the new and ongoing media issues that may cause harm to public safety, while respecting each individual's right to freedom of speech."

The rules of The Game are indeed changing every day.