Selena Gomez

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Dear Ted:
I just took my 9-year-old daughter to see Selena Gomez in concert and she put on a fantastic show and seemed so sweet! My daughter adores her so you must tell me if I should discourage all things Selena? Does she have a Vice? Say it isn't so! Good job on the cigs—it's been 49 days for me.
—Your fan since '97

Dear Good Girl Gone Bad:
Here's the deal, doll: Selena is a Vice star. That doesn't mean she's not a sweetie too, ‘cause she is. And it also doesn't mean your kiddos can't be gaga about Gomez. Because Selena keeps all her Vicey little secrets far out of the public eye—like any good pop star role model does.

Dear Ted:
I don't know how far out this is, but I wondered if Henrietta Hard-Ball and her hubby, Elijah, were currently campaigning for anything...chiefly? I would so love to find some dirt on a certain couple that tries to pray the gay away.

Dear President-in-Vice:
Sorry, babe, but your allusions to Michele Bachmann are about as subtle as her crazy eyes. While I'd love to peg this par-tick Blind Vice on the bananas babe, she's too busy chowing down on corndogs to pay attention to her hubby. Henrietta is far craftier.

Dear Ted:
I really, really, really want Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester to get together already! All that chemistry should not go to waste. Please tell me you can make it happen! Any news about either of them? Or you know, them together?

Dear Country Love:
Well they are both single and très sexy (and had crazy hot chemistry in Country Strong of course), so I wouldn't count it out. While the rumors of canoodling between these two costars have died down since they went on to their respective next projects, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a reunion in the future.

Dear Ted:
Anne Hathaway
strikes me as a snobby pseudo-intellectual, on par with (or worse than) Gwyneth "Goop Your Way to Glory" Paltrow. Am I misreading poor Anne, or is she as self-important as I imagine?

Dear Gwyneth 2.0:
Sure, the broads have some things in common (like busting out rap skills on talk shows), cut ‘em both some slack. Gwynie may have a bit of an ice queen persona—more so pre-Glee days—but I've met her and I actually dig the chick. I like Anne too, nothing wrong with a smart lady.

Dear Ted:
It seems like Neil Patrick Harris is the popular guess for Hildago Van Buren, but I think Hildago is someone less obvious. My official guess is Cheyenne Jackson. How'd I do?

Dear Center Stage:
Out and proud? Check. Glee connection? Check. Hildago van Buren? Nope! Sorry, doll. Close but no cigar on Chey.

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