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If there's one thing the Kardashian gals love to do, it's tweet.

Whether it's X-rays of their tushes, nip slip reactions or just, ya know, photos of themselves, there's nothing Kim, Khloé and Kourtney won't TwitPic, hashtag or @reply. And while we've always trusted our dear Ks to tweet honestly, it seems wedding fever has created a Twitter liar.

So why is Kourtney lying about the color of the bridal party's dresses?

Maybe she's trying to make sure none of you take home the coveted bedazzled oven mitt!

Remember, earlier this week we told you that we had learned the color Kim's b'maids would be wearing when they hit the altar with her this weekend. And if you correctly guessed it on Twitter, you'd get to take home Team Truth's swanky wedding gift to Kim.

Heck of a deal, no?

Well, K.K. (that's Kourt, this time) is trying to throw you all off the right guess:

Kourtney tweeted, "Trying on our green bridesmaids dresses at VERA WANG who is my obsession!"

True? Or just a green herring, to throw everybody off?

Reports have come out since then that confirm that the dresses are indeed not green (a popular guess amongst you gullible Tweeters). So we'll throw you a bone and confirm that the dress that Kourtney (as well as the rest of the crew) will wear on the big day—so we're told—is most definitely not green.

Also, if you can just tell us what color she actually chose, the present is all yours!

Keep on guessin' and check back on the big day to find out the answer!

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