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Like any men worth their membership into the gay club, we adore Sex and the City.

Which is why we're itching for another fixin' of Sarah Jessica Parker's delish TV series turned movie. So naturally, we momentarily got our hopes up when we heard that the gals might be returning to our boob tubes. But alas, that's so not the case.

So we gotta wonder: How do you want your SATC served to ya next?

‘Cause we know we haven't seen the end of the fabulous franchise yet.

Aside from Sex & The City: The Musical! (which we're still waitin' on), here are the most realistic options:

Sex & The City 3: Now that Hollywood finally seems to have realized women have always been funny (thanks, Bridesmdaids!), we wouldn't be shocked in the slightest if the studio popped out another big-screen installment. And SJP and all her costars seem to be down for it—as they should be. The past two films made big time bucks at the box office.

The Carrie Diaries: HBO reps confirmed that they're working on bringing the Sex & the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries, to a TV near you. And while the show would have few connections to the original (and, we must say, groundbreaking) series, it would definitely give Gossip Girl a run for its Prada-lovin' money.

Sweet, Sweet Syndication: Sick of the SATC sequels, prequels and other nonsense? We don't blame you. Heck, even the stars of the original are opposed to seeing Carrie Bradshaw's early years on the silver screen. And another sequel to the two big-screen films just means another opportunity to send the ladies on a horribly unfunny vacation. Better stick with reruns of the TV series.

But what say you, how do you want Carrie and Co. to come into your life next?

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How should Sex & The City be reincarnated next?
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