Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone

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Dear Ted:
Andrew Garfield
's decision to try out Broadway is convenient given Emma Stone is based in N.Y., don't you think? Who says men can't multi-task?
—Ta Luce

Dear Starfield Spotter:
Convenient indeed, doll. But don't jump the goss gun and assume these two will be shacking up with each other in some swanky city pad—that's miles down the relaysh road. Thankfully, we're guaranteed a Spidey sequel or two to keep an eye on these cuties. That said, don't be surprised (at all) to see Emma cheering in the Broadway crowd.

Dear Ted:
I found it completely interesting that Chord Overstreet was noticeably absent from the opening credits of Glee: The Concert Movie 3-D. While he was in the ending credits and obviously featured in the duet with Dianna Aragon, I can't help but to think that there might be more drama than we were led to believe. Any insight on this?

Dear Put on the Back Burner:
Why do you think the Glee peeps have been so cagey when discussing Chord's quickie exit from the show? And ya know, the fact that Chord has barely spoken since separating from the hit series shows there's definitely big time behind-the-scenes drama there. At least he has a cutie GF to keep him company through it all.

Dear Ted:
My latest rescue cat, Moonshadow, and I are sure that Carmelita Salami-Climber is either Anne Hathaway or Jennifer Aniston. Anne has famously shown dubious taste in men, and Justin Theroux's ex allegedly has warned Jen about something being off with her new beau. Are we close to the target?

Dear Salami Sandwich:
No and no, DW. But not terrible guesses. Both gals are way gorgeous and may have had some man trouble in the past, just like Carm, but both ladies are far happier with their current beaus than Ms. Salami-Climber is with her dubious man candy.

Dear Ted:
I can't believe people are questioning if Hilary Duff's pregnancy will hurt her career since she is so young. Everyone seems to be forgetting Reese Witherspoon was younger than the Duffster when she had her daughter Ava and it didn't hurt her! I think this could be great for Hilary's career, no?

Dear Reese Jr.:
Sure, becoming a mama might help Hil finally separate herself from the teeny-bopper roles and take on more adult pieces. But Reese and Hilary couldn't be more different (aside from the blond ‘dos), so I wouldn't count on the former Disney babe to copy Witherspoon's career.

Dear Ted:
Wow, really Ted? Are you really so bitter about Reeve Carney getting the role in the Jeff Buckley movie instead of Robert Pattinson, you need to dig up an old tweet of Reeve's to start a competition between the two of them? So he has a crush on Kristen Stewart, big effin' deal! You really need to get some help for your Robsten obsession and come back to the real world where not everything has to revolve around them.

Dear Buck You:
I'm not bitter, babe, I just think this would have been the perfect role for Rob to break away from the Twi franchise, seeing as the final two flicks are wrapped and on their way to theaters. But I'm happy for Reeve, too, and think he's totally adorbs. Which is why I said in the item that there's no need for beef.

Dear Ted:
Whose career would be the most damaged should their Vice be revealed, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift or Taylor Lautner?

Dear Dirty Laundry:
Taylor, definitely. The boy one, I mean.

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