Lockdown Alert! Is The Hunger Games Set More Secretive Than Twilight?

Jennifer Lawerence’s film is staying seriously secretive, just like Kristen Stewart’s franchise

By Ted Casablanca, John Boone Aug 17, 2011 3:02 PMTags
Kristen Stewart, Jennifer LawrenceChristopher Polk/Getty Images; Dave Hogan/Mission/Getty Images

The Hunger Games may have more in common with Twilight than just big-time book sales and hottie lead actresses.

Both flicks are going to the extremes to make sure on-set deets stay secret. And while Breaking Dawn was the most securely guarded set to date (which is why you won't peep Bella's très anticipated wedding dress before the release date), a lot of secrets still spilled out from that set (bikini shots in Brazil, anyone?).

But this is so not the case with The Hunger Games:

Their Shelby, N.C., set (for one) was locked down!

Sure, while some paparazzi pics of Jennifer Lawrence and her hunky costars leaked early on (and then were immediately removed), it seems Lionsgate is extra serious about stopping all leaks from their sure-to-be successful franchise.

"If you didn't go down to the filming location, you really wouldn't know that a movie shoot was being done," reporter Graham Cawthon of the local Shelby Star told us of one of the film's latest shooting locals.

"They did a good job of keeping the area blocked off—even from view—and security was out in force making sure no one was watching off-set."

As for the cast and crew? Well they hardly pulled a Robsten, choosing to remain incognito instead of romping around the local hot spots.

"Crew and extras were spotted regularly at downtown restaurants, but not the main cast," Graham revealed. "We did hear a few reports from folks who interacted with the cast, but they were few and far between."

And while we hear the cast were sweet enough—when they were actually spotted, that is—their beefy bodyguards left a bit to be desired. Graham reported about a high school chica who was way excited to meet Jennifer. Ya know, until her security got all prissy about it.

And worst of all, the gossip coming from the set is anything but juicy!

This flick had better be good (we're sure it will be) because this gossip-lite shooting is killing us.