Taylor Swift

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Whereas St. Louis got to see what Taylor Swift was packin' underneath her purple dress, L.A. audiences will be getting quite a different show—or so we're told.

The young country star is scheduled to hit the Staples Center next week, and one thing's for certain:

Taylor's über-fancy friends are expected. (Another "wardrobe malfunction" is not!)

"Someone pointed it in the wrong direction," a close pal to Taylor told us regarding the errant wind machine in St. Louis. "But she just laughed through it. What's she supposed to do?"

Exactly that. And that's why we love us some Taylor. She rolls with the punches and laughs them off. And now we can't wait for the show to hit our part of the country!

Count on seeing Swift buds in L.A. such as Ellen DeGeneres, Emma Stone and Julianne Hough taking in the festivities. Total BFF Selena Gomez could show, too, but it's unlikely, as Justin Bieber's cutie is touring herself at the moment.

And duh, let's be clear: Just as Taylor knows exactly what to do with somebody like John Mayer (write a song about him), she also knows what to do with granny panties: not wear ‘em.

They were Spankies. No biggie.

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