Catt Sadler, Amelian Kashiro

Catt Sadler

"Where do you find all those fabulous vintage belts?"

"I would never have thought to put those two prints together!" 

"Those nude heels make your legs look so long!"

I went to journalism school and learned the art of the interview, writing for "TV" versus "print," and how to edit without jump cuts. But what they didn't teach me in college was how to put together a bangin' outfit that shines brightly through the little box. Over my seven-plus years in the Hollyhood, I've had the pleasure of working with ridiculously talented stylists. With their help, I've managed to develop a style all my own. I hear from folks all over the globe who share especially kind words about my style choices. Each of these sentiments really means a lot! What you see and think when you turn on E! News matters to me. What you don't see when you turn on E! News is the woman behind the hangers. Lol.  

Meet Amelian Kashiro. She's the wizard out scouring showrooms at all hours for fabulous duds. She's hauling bags and bags of clothes in and out of her car day after day in the heat. She's endlessly researching new, edgy, up-and-coming designers from London, Australia, Nigeria, from Timbuktu—if it means that I'll stand out from the rest. This girl DOES. NOT. STOP.

So just a gratitude blog post today. Thank you to Amelian for her generous, genuine devotion to turning me out show after show. And, thank you to all of YOU for the consistent positive feedback and fashion l.o.v.e.

Follow me on twitter (@iamcattsadler) to see the E! News Cattwalk each and every day; I list the designers daily. Make sure and follow Amelian too: @kashiro.

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