That Charlie Sheen's a real spitfire. So, it only makes sense that he be roasted, right?

"It's another experience that I'll own—probably just once," Sheen cracked in an exclusive chat with E! News when asked why he was willing to submit to a celebrity roast at the hands of comedians who will just raring to tear him apart.

"I'm very roastable," he admitted on the set of the promo shoot for the roast, premiering Sept. 19 on Comedy Central. "This I'm coming to terms with."

Sheen better be cool with it, because roast master Seth MacFarlane is already warming up the coke jokes...

"Charlie is a true icon with a talent that is strong and pure and concentrated into small crystals which can be smoked or eaten," read the Family Guy creator's statement when he was announced as head honcho for what's sure to be a very, er, thematic night.

"There's less [cocaine] left on the planet because of me, so roast away," Sheen acknowledged, laughing. "If that's what's in store for me, then bring it," he said, agreeing that cocaine and hooker jokes would probably be "vying for first place" in terms of frequency up on the dais.

But coke cracks are "easy grabs, you know," Charlie said. "I'm challenging these geniuses to go a little bit deeper, be less obvious."

Surely MacFarlane and whoever else Comedy Central scores for the big night—"It's hard to say right now only because we're still locking all that stuff up," Sheen said of the proposed talent lineup—but surely they'll come out with guns blazing and seven-gram rocks banging.

"I don't see myself getting into a fist fight or never speaking to someone afterwards," Sheen mused. "But I'm curious to how deep they're all going to go. But I do get the last word, right?"

Doesn't he always?

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