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Must admit, we weren't too shocked when we heard the plot of Tom Cruise's latest big screen flick.

In One Shot, Cruise will play an ex-military homicide investigator in charge of catching a rouge military sniper. Sounds like the dramatic stuff we've grown accustomed to from the movie star. Ya know, macho tough-guy roles that are packed with suspense and Cruise's signature serious look as he gets to the bottom of something.

But there's one par-tick part of this character that will set him apart from Tom's other roles (and Tom himself, too boot!):

He's huge!

And loyal readers of the book series from which the film is inspired are apparently not pleased.

See, T.C. is set to play Jack Reacher in the big-screen adaptation of the Lee Child's novel, and those who've flipped through the pages of the book know Jack is tall.

6 feet, 5 inches, to be exact.

And Tom Cruise is, well, not. The actor measures up to just 5 feet, 7 inches, which isn't exactly vertically challenged, but might make him harder to pick out in a crowded room. But that's nothing Hollywood magic and a few smoke and mirrors can't fix.

And that'll need to be the case, seeing as nearly all of his potential female costars are as tall or taller than he is. Rosamund Pike is 5 feet, 9 inches; Alexa Davalos is 5 feet, 8 inches; and the shorty of the bunch, Hayley Atwell, is 5 feet, 6 inches.

Someone buy some apple boxes! And book nerds, lighten up already, 'cause we say kudos to Tom!

He'll finally get to tower over, uh, anyone after years of looking up to wifey Katie Holmes (and ex-wifey Nicole Kidman) on red carpets. Who can blame the guy for wanting to pick a role that adds a few inches to his stature?

Heck, before you know it even Suri is going to be taller than he is!

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