Jennifer Aniston

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Let's get real: Tom Brady set the bar pretty high for his fellow footballers in terms of finding partners that are easy on the eyes.

And following the old adage that you can't get what you never ask for, one NFL star isn't above wearing his heart on his sleeve. Even though he's been linked with other famous beauties, like Jamie-Lynn Sigler and model Hilary Rhoda, this sporty dude recently revealed that his dream girl is none other than Jennifer Aniston.

Sure, she's pretty loved up with Justin Theroux at the moment, but you never know, right? So who's looking to score this Friend with benefits?

Mark Sanchez, GQ Cover


It's Mark Sanchez!

The New York Jets quarterback turned GQ coverboy revealed the object of his affections in an interview with the men's magazine. Of course, she might be slightly less than flattered when she hears about his reason behind choosing her as his personal No. 1 pick.

"She's experienced," he said. But not like that!

Sanchez explained that he was looking for someone for whom the media and celebrity game, which he is now finding himself more deeply involved in, is nothing new.

"Somebody who can handle all this, you know, who can help me handle all this—because I'm still learning."

Also important to Sanchez: that his future missus is athletic, wants a family, and gets along famously with his dear old mom.

Oh, and being both a Belieber and Gleek couldn't hurt, either. Though unlike his penchant for Aniston, those are two secret loves that he might regret revealing once he's back in the locker room.

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