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No surprise here, but Kim Kardashian spent one of her last hours as a single woman pampering herself.

The future Mrs. Kris Humphries sent paparazzi into a frenzy earlier today when...

She got a manicure and pedicure at her favorite nail salon, Beverly Hills Nail Salon. She was mobbed by overeager shutterbugs as she made her way to her big white Rolls-Royce. (FYI: Earlier in the day, she tweeted that she had a workout session with her personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson.)

No word on what her manicure will be like when she says, "I do," but wouldn't it be cool if she was sporting images of Humphries on her nails.

We're serious.

Nikki Reed recently showed off her American Idol fiancé's face at this month's Teen Choice Awards. "It was really very romantic and sweet," says Minx's Kimmie Kyees, the nail stylist responsible for creating the Twilight star's look.

"Beyoncé has pretty much worn Minx non-stop for the last four years. When she sang at the inauguration she had Obama in gold letters and silver Minx on her hands."

The process is as simple as sending in a picture, making a screen print of it and painting it on. It takes just as much time as a regular manicure and costs around $50.

Do it, Kim!

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