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It's not every day that Kristen Stewart gets married.

We're talking about onscreen, of course, when her Twilight alter ego, Bella, ties the eternal knot (literally) with her vampy beau, Edward Cullen. But since it's the only time we'll see K.Stew in a wedding dress anytime soon—and "marrying" BF Robert Pattinson too—it had better be pretty damn special.

So of course, we gotta wonder: What song will Bella and Edward pick for their first dance?

While the big wigs announced yesterday that the soundtrack will hit shelves Nov. 8, they're keeping the track list mum...for now. The official word from the company is that the songs will be revealed "in the next few weeks."

As if that's a big shocker, seeing as they've kept specifics on B's wedding dress quiet as long as possible. And since we're, well, worrisome about what Bella will walk down the aisle in (really, we think it's gonna be fug), at least the music should be good.

So let's start speculating now!

Which song do you think should be playing when the couple hits the dance floor post swappin' vows? Ya know, before Taylor Lautner's wolfey self has to crash and ruin the mood.

If any of the other soundtracks tell us anything, we know it's going to be something super angsty and indie rockish. We're sure it would make Stephenie Meyer's Mormon mama dreams come true if her fave rockers, Muse, provided another track.

We say ick to that idea.

So start the brainstorming, fangbangers, there's only so much time before the big nuptials and gajillions of songs to think of!

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