Bruce Jenner, Camilla Parker Bowles

Scott Kirkland/Globe Photos/; David Wimsett/UPPA/ZUMA Press

Kim's Wedding Tile

It's four days and counting till Kim Kardashian's big day—-which got us thinking about her stepdad, Bruce Jenner, and that other royally famous stepparent Camilla Parker Bowles.

As Kim's fairy-tale wedding approaches, we couldn't help noticing some similarities between the two...

After Prince Charles and Camilla were assaulted in their car during student riots in 2010, Camilla was a perfect example of the British morale booster "Keep Calm and Carry On," later laughing off the attack with, "First time for everything."

Likewise, Bruce is pretty much the calm at the center of Hurricane Kardashian. Well, unless you mention birth control.

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