Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes

David Tonnessen,

So True So False, STSF

Forget Beverly Hills Cop. It was Beverly Hills SWAT at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' pad yesterday.

Paparazzi photos emerged this morning of uniformed (and armed!) serviceman descending not only on the chichi neighborhood, but the very street where TomKat live.

As if that weren't scary enough, cops were even spotted making a house call to the superstars' home. That being said, this is Hollywood. And La Casa de Cruise isn't exactly in a dangerous neighborhood.

So were the cops for real, or was this some sort of elaborate set dressing? Could Tom and Katie's home really have been surrounded by a SWAT team? Man your stations, because this rumor is…

So true!

All it takes is one bad egg to turn a good neighborhood into a bad one, and that's what happened in TomKat's hood.

Yesterday afternoon, a burglary occurred at a construction site that just happened to be on the same block as the A-listers' abode, Beverly Hills Police Department spokesmann Lt. Tony Lee tells E! News. That prompted the cops to call in the big guns (and their big guns), but by the time the SWAT team descended on the neighborhood, the perps had fled.

But Lee takes issue with how the incident has been portrayed. He says that TMZ, which first reported the SWAT repsonse, distorted the story by posting a daytime photo of heavily armed patrol units when the incident occurred at night.

—Reporting by Justin Matthews

And yes, that included Holmes' sweet home.

There's no word on whether either Tom or Katie (or Suri!) was present at the time, though police reportedly spoke to everyone in the neighborhood to find out if they saw or heard anything amiss.

Which makes this case closed on the rumor. As for the burglary, that case is still very much open.

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