Kim's Wedding Tile

With her nuptials just days away now, it wasn't exactly shocking to see Kim Kardashian heading to the gym this weekend.

After all, what bride (or groom, for that matter) doesn't want to look her fittest before exchanging vows in front of family and friends, right?

But what may surprise some, however, is that, for the soon-to-be Mrs. Kris Humphries, her pre-wedding regimen actually started long before her man ever popped the question.

"There's that saying, 'if you stay ready, you don't have to get ready,' and this is somebody who stays with the training," Kim's trainer Gunnar Peterson tells E! News. "It's not like she only trains on days that she's going to be filmed. She stays with it. She's regular, she's consistent and she's never late."

What's more, Peterson says that Kim very much prefers working up a sweat just as the sun is coming up.

"She's an early-morning person," he points out. "She will show up at 6 a.m. She's no stranger to the early call."

But Peterson insists it isn't just Kim's longstanding dedication to exercise that keeps this Kardashian curvaceous.

"She has a really clean lifestyle, too," he adds. "She's not a drinker, she's not a smoker...that helps her stay ahead of it. She really does do a great job when you think about what her schedule demands."

In fact, because she is so strapped for time, Peterson reveals that the primary focus right now for Kim is "any part that's going to be visible [while in her wedding dress]. The back, the shoulders, the arms."

But, of course, it won't just be Kim's bod that wedding guests will be eyeing on Saturday. There's also that famous face of hers.

Which brings us to the reality star's skin savior, Dr. Harold Lancer, who offered up his thoughts as to why Kim has such a marvelous mug.

"There are many things that play host to why she looks pretty much perfect always," he says. "I think genetics is a big part and skin care is another part of it. But I think the most important part with her is she really makes an effort."

In other words, Kim's gonna look great in that dress of hers. Whatever it ends up being.

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