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Dear Ted:
I saw Daniel Radcliffe on the Daily Show doing press for Harry Potter. He seemed to be on something. He was unnaturally wired and bubbly and it made me wonder if there was any Vicey behavior behind this or if he is just naturally a very animated person? Me and my rescue kitty Raja would love to know if our beloved Harry Potter may not be as innocent as he's seemed throughout his career.

Dear Wizard Wank:
While Dan 'fessed up to battling substance abuse in the past, it was only of the booze variety. His weirdo behavior is par for the course, actually, and definitely isn't drug related. And while he's certainly not as innocent as his big-screen alter ego, he isn't quite naughty enough to deserve a Vice.

Dear Ted:
I saw Crazy, Stupid, Love this weekend and still can't get over the seething chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. These two are hot together! Given they both live in NYC and are filming another movie together, is there any hope for them in becoming an item? Umm. Andrew Garfield who?

Dear Movie Matchmaker:
C'mon, doll, Andrew and Emma are über-adorable together. And while I'm definitely rooting for the Spidey duo, Ryan and Emma did have some sexy onscreen chemistry. That said, I think that's where it will stay: on the big screen.

Dear Ted:
Angelina Jolie looks horrifyingly skinny. Why does she keep deliberately getting photographed? This is really a situation of the more she tries to look normal, the less normal she seems. Does Brad Pitt have no control over the situation?
Worried for Ange

Dear Skinny Minnie:
Puh-lease, when has anything about Angie ever been normal? And Brad has issues bigger than his wifey eating a burger to worry about.

Dear Ted:
Any news on the Robsten front? Many are of the opinion that they have broken up but I don't believe that. What is he still doing in L.A. as he is not working? What are your thoughts? Why is he not back with his girl? Any trouble in Robstenland? As you are always on top of any news, can you help silence the fandom? Also wishing Kristen good luck as shooting starts for SWATH starts today.
Your number one fan, Sin

Dear Across the Pond:
The Robsten fans (and Nonstens too, of course!) won't be silenced no matter what I say, Sin. I've told you before that everything is fine between these two. But I'll say it again: They're fine. No troubles in Robstenland. Happy?

Dear Ted:
This is the first time I agree with you 100 percent. The Eric-Sookie and the Jessica-Hoyt hookups, I'm all for it. On a different note, regarding Hildago Van Buren, a ludicrous, but funny thought occurred to me: What if Hildago was Arnold Schwarzenegger and the whole maid fiasco was part an elaborate cover-up to hide the real reason why Maria is divorcing him: his homosexuality. He was quite the social climber, which sometimes goes hand-in-hand with salami climbing.

Dear Outside the Box:
That's a very, uh, interesting theory, L.L., but the Governator is not our latest Vicer. Thanks for the laugh though!

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