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Let it be known that Teen Wolf's Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) wins the non-existent Watch With Kristin award for our favorite summer TV character. Yes, we think he's that awesome.

Now that we've revealed our love for all things Stiles, you can imagine our delight when we got the chance to speak with Dylan before tonight's finale, in which two people die. So is anyone safe? Dylan says:

"It doesn't seem like it, right? It seems like everyone's got some kind of pickle that they're in." Way to assuage our fear of losing Stiles, Dyl pickle.

When we last saw our favorite sidekick, he was forced to help the Alpha in order to save his crush Lydia's (Holland Roden) life. So where will we see him at the start of the finale?

"Stiles now is under the Alpha's control. Lydia becomes out of his control, he does save her at that one moment but then he has to do something for the Alpha," Dylan explains. "The Alpha lets me call Jackson (Colton Haynes) to let him know she's hurt. Lydia goes to the hospital and it becomes a question of whether she's stable or not. It's pretty intense."

Per usual, Stiles will be running around like a sarcastic chicken without a head trying to help Scott (Tyler Posey). "He's going to be trying to locate a lot of people and also all the while still never really having the assurance of whether Lydia's OK or not," he says. "He's still just trying to get everything done. He's got to get to Scott, he and Jackson might have to team up at some point." Stiles and Jackson working together? This we have to see.

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So what can he tell us about those two deaths?

"Fans could be bummed about both [deaths] I think," he says. "I'm just assuming they like the characters. If they hate the show that's one thing. I think the fans of the show will be upset...[But] I think it sets up season two to be its own story. You see the deaths obviously, but they are kind of just put to rest. The one kind of cliffhanger for the summer is the set up for all next season."

Could that possibly be a cure for Scott's little wolf problem? "We do kind of plant that seed for next season, for sure."

Dylan revealed to us that he will be co-writing a season two episode with the show's creator Jeff Davis. "I don't know which episode it'll be. It'll probably be middle of the season." One thing he definitely won't be writing? A new Stiles. When we asked what he'd like to see in season two for his character, Dylan says, "I'm perfectly happy with Stiles' character. I don't want him to change obviously. I think it's crucial to always have the comedic factor, not just turn him into some whiny guy," he says. "It could be fun to get into more action scenes, where me and Scott are Spider-Man superheroes. Write that down, maybe it'll make it. Maybe Jeff will read that somewhere."

Your move, Jeff. Your move.

Don't miss the season finale of Teen Wolf tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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