Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, Abduction

Bruce Talamon/Lionsgate

Do you think you're having a bad day? It's fine if you do. We're just going to clue you in on the things Taylor Lautner is dealing with in the new trailer for his flick Abduction, just FYI.

Let's see...Aside from just learning that everything about his life has been a lie—the people he thought were his parents...weren't—now the folks who had hoped he'd never become aware of this fact are shooting at him with automatic weapons. Can you relate? So how's a young guy like Tay handling all of this?

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Pretty well, actually. (Must be all of that martial arts training he did with his not-dad.) For a teenager thrust into a life on the run because a shady organization is trying to take him down, he's remarkably level-headed.

And as he devotes himself to finding answers to all these new questions about his identity, he's putting up a pretty good fight with Lily Collins by his side.

Though if we may offer one bit of advice, Taylor should maybe work on making his "Not if I find you first" threats a little more...um, threatening. But at least the guy is doing his own stunts. Impressive. That's all. Good luck, otherwise, kid!

Abduction storms into theaters Sept. 23. Ready to go on this wild ride?

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