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It's a tale as old as time. Girl meets boy. Girl likes boy. Boy likes girl. Boy crashes his car (a hearse) to prove his love for girl.

So maybe that last part doesn't happen in fairy tales, but who needs those when you have Degrassi? OK, confession time. We love Degrassi and have for all 11 seasons it's been on. (Yes, you read that right: 11 seasons.)

While we're at it, we'll also confess that we're total suckers for a good love triangle, and Degrassi is currently serving our addiction thanks to their pastry-related couple-off: Clare (Aislinn Paul) and Eli (Munro Chambers) a.k.a. "Eclare" vs. Clare and Jake (Justin Kelly) a.k.a. "Cake."

We just chatted with Aislinn about what fans can expect from the rest of season. Oh, and which "dessert" she thinks is right for Clare...

"Eclare" fans, take a chillaxitive before reading this next quote and remember that we asked Aislinn who is right for Clare right now. "I think Jake has been really good for Clare," Aislinn tells us, "because he's much more mellow and laid-back and they've been having a very light happy relationship.

"It sort of helped her see what a good relationship is supposed to be because she's had a boyfriend who's cheated on her and then a boyfriend who has become so dependent, he's crashed a car for her," Aislinn explains. "She's been around two extremes -- one boyfriend who doesn't care enough and one who cares too much. This is just a perfect balance for her."

While Clare's relationship with Jake is going strong (minus the fact that their parents are currently dating, and, um, ew), Aislinn is quick to point out that Clare is still harboring feelings for her volatile ex. When we asked if Clare is over Eli, Aislinn answers, "Oh, right now? Not at all. At this point, there's still feelings that she knows are there and that she's trying to get rid of and her way of getting rid of them is burying them as deep as she can."


Teen Nick

The problem with Eli? No one can predict how far he'll go to get what he wants. "Eli is one of those people with no boundaries. You can't really anticipate how far he will go because he steps beyond that line," Aislinn says. "He goes through some really, really interesting journeys as an individual and also as a person trying to talk to Clare."

Heading into the final stretch of episodes, Aislinn says Clare's boy drama will slow down and everyone will get along and the season will end with a group sing-a-long to "We Are Family." Fake out! Come on now, this is Degrassi, a show where one character alone has survived testicular cancer, a gunshot wound and working at The Dot for three seasons (What up, Spinner!).

"Clare's still trying to weed her way out of this boy situation, figure out her feelings and figure out her family as well," Aislinn says. "It's become quite difficult because of the way Eli is dealing with it. She's just keeping her head above water for most of the season and then at the very end of the season, at prom, she sort of ends up in the middle of the drama without meaning too."

So how does the drama on prom night compare to the drama of past dances? (Mind you, at the last two dances Clare's boyfriend was almost stabbed and then crashed his car to prove his love, so yeah, this prom better bring it.)

"I think this one is just more dramatic overall. It's definitely bigger and definitely very physical," Aislinn teases. "It was so amazing. We were all in awe in the read-through. It was really intense, but I think all of our hard work paid off."

If this awesome interview wasn't enough for you, here's an exclusive clip from Thursday's episode "Extraordinary Machine: Part 2," which seems to be all about Eli trying to win back Clare. Go on, watch!

Who do you prefer Clare with -- Eli or Jake? Sound off in the comments!

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