The Glee Project: Kevin McHale Pops in to Teach "Generosity"

Exclusive! Final three contestants freak out over this week's mentor

By Jenna Mullins Aug 12, 2011 7:00 PMTags

If Glee teaches us anything, it's to be generous to your peers, despite any differences you may have. The perfect character to showcase this? Artie, aka Kevin McHale.

McHale dropped in on the remaining Glee Project contestants to talk about one of the most important themes Glee showcases: generosity. And one contestant was really fawning over Kevin (who showed up walking upright, out of character), claiming that Artie was one of their favorites on Glee.

Check out our exclusive clip above and then head on down to the comments to predict who will be the final three left on The Glee Project!