Lea Michele

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Dear Ted:
You made clear in the past that you hate/love Lea Michele (if that is love i'm afraid when you hate someone), maybe you can forget your "i love to hate Lea Michele game" for a little awhile and talk about what you know on the movie front. Hollywood producers are offering scripts for Lea after Glee? I think she is wonderful and watched her in Spring Awakening, she is soo good.

Dear Love Is a Many Splintered Thing:
I don't just love Lea, I adore her. And there's a difference. I don't know what kind of boring love you have for your fave celebs, but, mine's all out: meaning I dig every facet of their personalities, including Lea's too-divine diva ‘tude. And movie producers dig it, too, only problem is wrestling Lea away from Ryan Murphy long enough to make one! That's currently a very big prob while Glee completely owns her ass.

Dear Ted:
Have been reading and hearing little snippets about photos of Robert Pattinson and another girl in L.A. that might surface. Have you yourself heard any mentionings of this supposed "other woman"? Wouldn't that be a kick!

Dear Here We Go Again:
Yes, and it's usually agent/relative/business associate/publicist/friend/co-star. Also, I guarantee you this: Kristen will break Rob's heart before it's vice versa, but, keep in mind, we are nowhere near that happening on either score.

Dear Ted:
Rumour has it that Glee's golden boywhile perfectly charming (almost too charming)has reportedly been a bit of an ass to the fans in recent times? Fame going to Mr. Criss' head already?

Dear You Must Be Joking:
What, only Lea Michele can be a diva? How boring would that be, and thank heavens Darren's keeping that from being true!

Dear Ted:
I've recently read that Angelina Jolie's/Brad Pitt's inner circle has decreased in size, at AJ's say so. Does she have any girlfriends? How does a woman get the OK to be a part of the inner circle? I can't imagine Angelina allowing another woman within 100 yards of Brad...let alone an attractive one.

Dear Inner Winner:
Babe, you've got a good inner ear! ‘Cause of what you blab ain't too far from the truth: as in, not only does AJ have few close female friends (big surprise there) but, she rules all of their roosts across the globe—and how.

Dear Ted:
I think Ed Westwick is soooo sexy, in a British, bad-boy way. He seems to stay off the radar, which is kind of surprising because he also seems like he could be the Vicey type. Any gossip you can share with us? Love you!

Dear Double A:
Not that I can share and that you want to hear. (You are on target here.)

Dear Ted:
So, I have been geeking out and watching Easy A all weekend and don't get your seeming dislike for Penn Badgely. He is so endearing and way better in a role besides Dan. Blech. Maybe that's why you dislike him?
—Jenny A

Dear Not Really:
It's not even that specific. Can't really put my finger on it—maybe it was the blah Blake/Gossip effect all those years? But, I anxiously await to be firmly converted by the Jeff Buckley project Penn's doing—that's the kinda career turnaround he needs!

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