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Stephen Colbert is actually taking advantage of that Super PAC money—and he's using it for laughs, of course.

The Colbert Report funnyman has rolled out a new political ad in Iowa that is taking aim at Texas Governor Rick Perry, with a fake group called Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, backing another Rick, "Rick Parry."

So what's this all about?


Back in June, Colbert was granted permission by the Federal Election Commission to form a Super PAC of his own, a political committee which allows him to raise unlimited funds from corporations, unions and indiviuals in order to campaign for or against candidates in the 2012 elections through independent means, like television ads, as long as they don't plan it with the candidate or campaign.

So, that's exactly what he just did, using his show's employees and airtime to operate his project.

The ad, which is airing in Iowa on online here, is a spoof on those ridiculously serious campain ads, with Colbert using a deep voice to diss Perry, telling people to vote for "Rick Parry," instead. He asks state residents to write him in on Aug. 13 at the Ames Straw Poll, with the A in his name, "for America" and "Iowa."

"A storm is gathering over Iowa. A money storm...They think they can buy your vote with their unlimited Super PAC money. But Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomrrow ask, What about our unlimited Super PAC money?" he asks. "We want you to vote for Rick Perry too. But not their Rick Perry. Our Rick Parry!"

The ad, called "Episode IV: A New Hope" is currently airing in the Des Moines area.

When asked this summer if his Super PAC was some kind of joke, Colbert replied that he doesn't think "participating in democracy is a joke."

Unless, you know, it is.

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