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Oh, Scott Porter, you were this close to perfection.

What did Mr. Porter do that had us temporarily revoke his license to be perfect? He committed the ultimate offense: He has yet to watch the final episodes of Friday Night Lights. No, we're not kidding. Jason Street, we're very, very disappointed in you.

"I haven't watched the last six," the former No. 6 and QB1 tells our very own Kristin Dos Santos right before she gets up and walks out of the interview. So what's his excuse for putting off the perfection that is the FNL finale?

"I read all the scripts. I'm a huge fan of the show. I know how it ends, but I know how it ended for me, and it was with me standing with my entire cast in an open field in Austin, Texas, as the sun went down on the last shot of the show."

OK, that was kind of a perfect answer. All is forgiven! Scott Porter and Team WWK are best friends again! Especially since he has this awesome little secret you might not know:

He is a true fan of awesome TV! In fact, during the interview, Scott expertly referenced shows like Six Feet Under, Battlestar Gallactica, Gilmore Girls and Pushing Daisies (are you smitten yet?). Plus, since recently joining Twitter (@ScottPorter), he has even live tweeted during TV events like the So You Think You Can Dance finale. Clearly, he is your soul mate.

Hopefully his ability to spot excellent TV is a good sign for Scott's new fall series Hart of Dixie on the CW, which comes from Josh Schwartz and costars Rachel Bilson (that's Summer Roberts to you). Though there are some similarities between the light-hearted medical dramedy and Friday Night Lights, Scott tells us it was the Gilmore Girls-esque vibe of Dixie's fictional town of Blue Bell, Ala., that attracted him to the project.

"It's the other side of the coin of Friday Night Lights. It's set in the south, yes. And it's a small town, yes. And it deals with the people that live in the town, yes," he explains. "But it's the lighter side and it's the quirkiness. And we've created a beautiful little world. Blue Bell, Alabama, people are going to want to go there."

Something else that attracted him to the show and the role of town golden boy George Tucker? "It's kind of like my first leading man, which I was really drawn to. And it's a lighter side and I get to show a little funny in me," he says. "Coming from a world of musical comedy and theatre in New York and getting a dramatic role, Hollywood was dictating to me that I should only be a dramatic actor. So this was huge for me."

Since the show is on the CW and Scott is mildly (read: extremely) attractive, George is naturally part of a love triangle, which includes Bilson's Dr. Zoe Hart and Jaime King's Southern belle Lemon Breeland, who is George's fiancée...for now.

"Life was going along swimmingly for him until Zoe shows up," Porter explains. "And then he's a little curious. He's a little intrigued with her because she's a window to part of his past that he can't talk to anyone else about. He's a morally solid, solid guy. And the feelings he has for Zoe at the very beginning are just that, feelings he would never act upon. Later on down the line we may see some drama unfold. But as for right now George is just a guy—an every man that everyone can grab onto.

"Girls would like to date George and guys would like to be in his shoes," Scott sums up. Can't argue with that now, can we? 

Oh, and by the way, Scott also recently tweeted that Kristin is his "favorite," so now we are clearly bonded for life. Texas lovers (if not watchers) forever and ever!

Check out the exclusive video interview above for more from Scott!

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