LeAnn Rimes


OK, it's not 60 Minutes, but LeAnn Rimes has just sat down and given an in-depth interview to—a bikini blog?!

Yes, Rimes is dishing on her love of skimpy swimwear, sandy beaches and the hunkiness that is Eddie Cibrian, all while dropping some words of wisdom from The Notebook during her Q&A with the Mikoh Swimwear website.

Here are the choiciest tidbits:

On traveling with hubby Eddie, she proclaims Tahiti is the "favorite place she's ever experienced."

"Eddie and I stayed for 11 days," she says. "Most magical trip pof our lives. We hope to take his boys back there soon." She also gives a shout-out to Laguna Beach, Calif.

On her adventurous palette:

"I'm Southern, so alligator tail is pretty interesting and yummy," she says.

LeAnn's also a fan of tan lines and booty shorts, which, well, how could you not know that by now?

What we did learn, however, is that apparently Eddie is pretty flexible and LeAnn just loves munching on sushi that's been sitting in the sun. Asked what's in her beach bag, she replies: "My husband, my two stepsons, Neutrogena Sunscreen and an endless supply of sushi."

And finally, that Notebook reference.

"I have been blessed to have experienced so much in my short lifetime," she says. "I've worked very hard for everything I have and nothing has come easy. My biggest accomplishment though has been, to quote The Notebook...'I've loved another with all my heart, and to me, this has always been enough.' What's life without love? You an accomplish everything you want in life, but without anyone to share it with, what's it really worth?"

Next to that are a series of shots of LeAnn in what else? A bikini.

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