It's nice to know that Vienna Girardi and new beau Kasey Kahl didn't use up all their vitriol towards Jake Pavelka on the season premiere of Bachelor Pad. They saved some for us, too!

How sweet.

E! News caught up with the reality duo last night, who didn't waste any time before dishing the dirt on Jake's fakeness in front of the camera, what it's like to room with Vienna's ex, what Vienna really thought of Jake's rose offer, and how their own apartment search is going.

Kahl discussed what it was like to share a room with his girlfriend's infamous ex-fiance, and while he didn't go into too much detail, he nevertheless made it clear that he wasn't happy with the setup.

"It was gnarly," he said of the experience, while taking a break from the Voli Light Vodka BBQ in Malibu. "But the fact of the matter is, I go on the show, I gotta stay in the same room as this guy, and this guy pretends like he doesn't want to go on TV and only apologizes or does things on TV and then goes on more TV shows."

Wait a minute, you mean a reality star is actually exhibiting fake tendencies for the sake of screen time?! Well, we never!

Of the make-nice apology he offered up to Vienna on Monday night's episode (which he did right before handing her a life-saving rose instead of Gia Allemand), Girardi was unimpressed. Shocked, but unimpressed.

Not so, Kasey.

"I prepped her for it...Why wouldn't Jake pull a Jake moment?"

"Yeah, he knew it was going to happen, and I was shocked," Vienna said. "That rose should've gone to Gia, period. He was her alliance, she was the one he trusted, she trusted him, that rose should've went to Gia. At the time, it was more shocking than anything...My first thought is, 'What are you doing?' "

Of course, from the sounds of it, it's all pretty much par for the course.

"Off camera he doesn't act that way," she said. "He's not a nice guy off camera."

Meanwhile, it looks like the couple that hates together stays together as the duo is currently in the midst of an apartment search for a new bachelor-free pad that they can share.

On their list of needs and wants? The usual, as it turns out: a big closet for her. Ample room for the TV and video games for him.

Craigslist won't know what hit it.

—Reporting by Christopher Hall

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