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Drama for your mama, literally!

On tonight's Teen Mom, one girl had to deal with custody issues, while another mom's biggest dilemma was how to get a puppy to pee in a diaper.

But hey, we're not trying to downplay anyone's problems. Potty-training is always difficult, whether its a toddler or a pet.

If you missed the action, here's what happened...

Maci: There was continued talk with Ryan and his parents about going to court and legally getting custody of his son Bentley, especially after finding out that Kyle was living with his baby mama. But can someone please tell Ryan's mom to relax? She started preaching about how her grandson shouldn't have random men coming in and out of his life. Um, random men? Your son refused to make it work and Kyle is the only guy we've seen around the boy. So what's her deal? Plus, Bentley and Kyle are supercute together. And Ryan, well, he's just hot (unfortunately...it makes it really hard to hate him).

Catelynn: Every week we see her and Tyler together and wonder, "Where's our Tyler?" But this week, we didn't see much of her sweet boyfriend because Catelynn went to her retreat again like last season. She also invited her friend Paige, who gave her son up for adoption a year prior and shared that she was superexcited it was all girls. It was actually quite the emotional scene as the girls and other women shared their stories, including Catelynn's fear that Carly's adoptive parents, Brandon and Theresa, might decide to end contact, which would make us hate them forever. But we learn distance is good. So we're good!

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Farrah: Surprisingly, it wasn't a superheavy episode for Farrah this week. She decided to get her adorable daughter Sophia a puppy that she had to keep secret from her mother. Well, aside from the fact that Sophia kept saying "doggie" every two seconds and the fact that dogs needs to pee and poop outside (although she did hold Candy, yes that's it's name, on top of a toilet hoping that would do the trick), she might have pulled it off! In the end, her mother didn't even care! Hello! You already popped out a baby. Nothing else will matter.

Amber: This was where the meat of the episode came in (shocker, right?). Amber, who was still staying with her cousin Krystal, got the memo from baby daddy Gary that Leah's birthday party will be separate between the two of them. Amber and her crazy claws nails weren't too fond of that idea, but what could she do? Nada. The best part was that Gary decided to go out (yes, as in, a club/bar-type place where there was social interaction) the night before, and not only spit game at some ladies, but got drunk so that he was hungover for his daughter's birthday. Nominee for Best Dad, anyone? And then we saw condoms on the floor of his place, which surprises us because we didn't think he knew they existed. After he threw Leah a birthday party that included an awesome castle cake, Amber and Krystal took her out for a fiesta dinner at a Mexican restaurant, but she wasn't into it. All she wanted was a Blow Pop.

What'd you guys think of tonight's episode? Are Ryan's parents egging him on to something unnecessary? Is it actually Gary that should be investigated? Didn't seeing that puppy in a diaper make you smile? Holler in the comments!

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