Emma Stone and The Help Cast vs. Delicious Southern Cooking...Who Won?

Actress talks about challenges of her latest role and also dishes on romance rumors and the Amazing Spider-Man

By Gregory Imler Aug 09, 2011 11:21 PMTags

Emma Stone is down to answer the tough questions. Fortunately, we came with a few.

Our own Ashlan Gorse recently sat down with Stone and her The Help costar Viola Davis, and the two did not hold back. From romance to Spider-Man, the ladies shared all. But Emma revealed one thing we never would have dared ask...

As it turns out, the cast met quite the challenge while filming the flick down in Mississippi: comfort food. So how bad did things get?

"They took my costumes out twice," Stone quietly revealed. But she wasn't the only one. "Oh heck yeah! It was everyone." And who's to blame them, what with all that lemon pie, caramel cake, fried chicken and biscuits sitting around. But still, have to say the ladies of this stellar cast have never looked better.

And that topic was just the beginning. Check it out as we put Emma on the spot about who her girl crush is—Christina Hendricks or Catt Sadler—how it feels to be a part of something huge like Spider-Man and what she has to say about those Andrew Garfield dating rumors.