Jennifer Garner, C.J. Adams, Joel Edgerton, The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Phil Bray, Disney Enterprises

Disney is really pulling at our heartstrings with this one.

In The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton are a married couple who want nothing more than to raise a child, but sadly, trips to the doctor show it just doesn't seem they are destined to be parents.

But that's nothing a little Disney magic can't fix...

One night, following another bout of bad news, the couple jot down on paper every awesome quality they know their kid would have and bury the notes in their garden: He or she'd be an artistic genius, would score the winning goal and would just all around rock!

That's all it takes in the world of Disney. Cue the magical storm and the next thing you know, there's a kid in your house just looking for a pair of awesome, dedicated parents. And you know he's going to score the winning goal.

Go ahead and check it out and we dare you not to get even the slightest hint of a feel-good goosebump.

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