Angus T. Jones, Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer, TWO AND A HALF MEN

Matt Hoyle/CBS / Warner Brothers

As you may have seen, the Two and a Half Men Crew is celebrating and happy again. And with good reason! "He's OK," a Two crew member tells us exclusively, regarding Charlie Sheen's replacement. "For now."

Whoa. Is this cast maybe a bit overly cautious?

You bet. So what else did they have to say?

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"I mean, come on," added the Two veteran worker-bee. "No offense to Ashton, but anybody's gonna look good when you're replacing Hitler."

As you're no doubt exceedingly aware, Sheen left the tumultuous set earlier this year, to the crew's great dissatisfaction. Crew members lost pay, CBS lost (ahem, fired) its star and Charlie Sheen started vomiting staged diatribes across America, as a result.

"We are hopeful," adds the Two crew member when asked how they feel about Demi's man taking over the top Two slot, "that Ashton is actually interested in the work."

Hey, Ashton, don't screw this one up, ‘K? Because, really, all you have to do is smile, show up knowing your lines and you've got it made!

After all, look who you're following.

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