The Sitter

Jessica Miglio/Twentieth Century Fox

Jonah Hill is definitely in for more than he expected with this bunch in The Sitter.

As a suspended college student, Hill seems content lounging around his mom's place and ducking any kind of physical answering the phone. But that isn't going to fly. It's time this slacker got a job. So what does mom suggest? How about babysitting for the neighbors?

This is bound to go over without a hitch. Check out the new trailer...

Hill explains his sitting style right from the start, just so everyone's on the same page.

"I'm more of a 'Sit on the couch, do whatever I say or I'll kill you' type of babysitter." Such a way with kids.

Of course, those lounging plans get thrown out the window pretty quick when Hill drags the kids along in the family minivan when a last-minute invite to a party with the girl of his dreams comes up.

It's true, driving a family car through the mean streets of a big city with a bunch of wise-cracking kids in tow may seem like a familiar path for a movie to take, but this R-rated comedy might have a few funny punches of its own to throw. For one, movies from 1987 definitely didn't feature "sharting."

What do you think? Ready to go on this ride or is it another example of Hollywood remaking a classic badly?

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