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UPDATE: Meh. Monday's new episodes of Kate Plus 8 averaged 1 million viewers, per TVbytheNumbers stats


The ratings aren't in yet on last night's Kate Plus 8.

But why wait for numbers, when you've got speculation?

Here are some educated guesses as to why Kate Gosselin's primetime run is done—unless, you know, it's not: 

1. It's Over! The Nielsens Don't Lie! While the jury's out on Monday's show, the verdict on last spring's Kate Plus 8 run was not a good one for Gosselin. Viewership flagged, with episodes barely managing 1 million viewers, if that. The C-word—for cancellation, Aziz Ansari—was heard.

2. It's Not Over! Kate Says So! On Monday's Today, Gosselin dismissed talk of her show's demise. "Nobody has told me," she said. "We will do it as long as people are watching." (Um, well…)

3. It's Over! It's Unwatchable! Did you think it was cute, daring and/or empowering for Gosselin to tempt a random dude with a cupcake on Monday's episode? Then good for you. Glad you enjoyed it. As for the rest of the cringing world…

4. It's Not Over! There Are Too Many Good Storylines to Come! Gosselin told Today that her kids want her to walk down the aisle again. Can you say, Kate Plus 8 Wedding Special? Or, Kate Plus 8 Plus That Guy She Scored With the Cupcake

5. It'll Never Be Over! Whether or not, Kate Plus 8 survives, Gosselin may be here here to stay. She told the Huffington Post she's gotten a lot of producing experience on her show, and can see herself bringing others' reality shows to the small screen.

Elsewhere, here's a look at the TV week's winners, per the just-released broadcast and cable rankings:

Jersey Shore: With 8.8 million viewers for its fourth-season, Italy-set opener, it was the biggest show in all of cable. So, yes, The Situation's still got it.

True Blood: Down a touch from last week, to 5.1 million viewers (good for 14th place in the cable standings), but, yes, the vampires still have it.

Harry Potter fans: The Potter-led Teen Choice Awards scored its biggest teen audience since 2008.

Twilight fans: The Twilight-denying Teen Choice Awards was way, way down among grownups. Overall, the show finished a lowly 71st in the broadcast standings. 

• Season finales: Solid going-away numbers for Falling Skies (cable's No. 5 show), In Plain Sight and Ice Loves Coco.

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