Wait a minute, that isn't Laura Winslow!

Though maybe that's because, as much as we'd like to believe otherwise, Jaleel White isn't actually Steve Urkel. (Or even Stefan Urquelle, for that matter.)

But he is Cee Lo Green!

Jaleel White

Warner Bros.

That's right, The Voice judge just made his way into our permanent good graces for reintroducing the former glasses-donning, suspenders-wearing Family Matters alum to our generation, choosing the onetime TGIF mascot to star as the artist himself in Cee Lo's all-singing, all-dancing, all-lady schmoozing nostalgic new music video, "Cry Baby."

But don't hold your breath for any winking "Got any cheese?" or "Did I do that?" nods to camera. This Steve—er, Jaleel—is all grown up.

Quick, someone tell Laura.

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