Felicia Pearson

Soren McCarty/WireImage

Snoop has admitted to her role in a villainous ensemble cast.

Felicia Pearson, who played a drug dealer's assassin of the same name on The Wire, has craftily kept herself out of prison by pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute heroin for her role in a Baltimore drug ring.

By cutting a deal a day before her trial was set to begin, Pearson received credit for time served and a suspended seven-year sentence, as well as three years of supervised probation. During her probationary period she'll be allowed to leave Maryland on a provisional basis to work.

The actress, who originally pleaded not guilty, hasn't exactly changed her tune, however.

"I would have been found not guilty," Pearson interjected as her lawyer answered reporters' questions. Asked how she'll avoid legal trouble in the future, she replied, "I'm moving to L.A."

The 31-year-old was caught on a wire tap set up as part of a joint federal-state investigation into a multistate drug ring deemed "Operation Usual Suspects." Authorities alleged that marijuana from California and heroin from New York were being transported into Baltimore for sale, and Pearson was one of 64 people indicted in March in connection with the operation.

According to prosecutors, Pearson was accused of allowing drugs and cash to be stored in her apartment.

She has since "learned a valuable lesson about how some loyalties you keep and others drag you down," her attorney said.

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