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The Spoiler Chat is back and we know what you've been thinking: How on Earth did I ever live without it?

Well, it looks like Ed Westwick hasn't been dealing well either. We scored this photo taken from the Gossip Girl set in which it is clear that Chuck has been bitten by a werewolf (we've watched enough Teen Wolf and Vampire Diaries to know!). So what's coming up for Chuck? And, more importantly, what's the status of Chuck and his star-crossed lover Blair?

Get the scoop on that, plus romance dish on House and Glee, and the latest on The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and more…

@jazy736 Scoop on Chuck/Blair pls! If this is not possible, anything on Chuck & why he's all bruised up would do. Thanks!

You'll be happy to know I'm told that the photo above is nothing of the supernatural nature, thank you very much. Chuck is in "big trouble," but something positive does come out of Chuck's brawl. As for Chuck and Blair, gee, I don't know, does anyone really want to know about those two anymore? Oh, right. Given that there are a gazillion @replies on my Twitter asking for Chuck and Blair (Leighton Meester) info, I'm gonna go with a Yes, you guys tooootally do care! I can tell you that Louis (Hugo Becker) is still very concerned about how Blair feels about Chuckhe will always worry, and that will be a problembut they are definitely still planning their wedding at the beginning of the new season. Maybe she'll pull a "Rachel" at the altar? Friends fans, please explain to the younger set what pulling a "Rachel" means.

@awkwardhobos: Do you have any spoilers on the pregnancy test that was seen at the end of Gossip Girl?
Someone is definitely pregnant. And it is too juicy to spill. (Sorry! But I personally like my noggin' attached to my neck because I'm all fancy and high-maintenance like that.)

Bb123: Dying for some True Blood…especially on Jessica dying. Is she still alive?
I believe so, yes. I'm told that we'll soon see her inside the witch store with Fiona Shaw, watching Bill (Stephen Moyer) out in front doing something very bad. Like, you know, life or death kind of bad. Oh…I'll just come right out with it: Bill kills someone! Or, more accurately (not grammatically though) is that Bill kills someones. As in plural. Also hearing that Tara (Rutina Wesley) somehow injures her arm, and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) will be packing (up) something other than heat. Lots of good stuff coming up.

@cmstevens77: Are Blaine and Kurt both graduating on Glee? Nobody asked Darren about it this past weekend.
Actually, I did. Kurt (Chris Colfer) is definitely a senior and will be graduating, but Darren Criss says he doesn't know about his character. I told him I'd love Blaine to go with Kurt to Julliard, if that's where he ends up, because we must have Darren Criss on our television sets or I'm pretty sure there will be fan chaos. Darren liked the idea of following his boy to Julliard. So…Ryan Murphy, are you listening? Make it so. Thankssomuchbye.

Eliza in Santa Monica, Calif.: Gimme that Glee, Kristin!
With all the drama going on behind-the-scenes at Glee, it's easy to forget that some of the kids being seniors is also a good thing. Executive producer Brad Falchuck is excited to flesh out those storylines. "I think the story of the last year of school, senior year, can be really meaningful to people," he tells us. "We've always liked to explore how your high school experience represents the rest of your life. And so I think that's really what we're going to be gunning towards."

@MarionheartLea: Thank you for the #Glee3DMoviePremiere :) You totally rocked!
Thanks, um…Mom?! That's a pretty crafty fake Twitter name, mom! Here's all the Glee goodness in case you missed a moment of it:

firingaway: Any Damon and Elena news you can share with us?
Just because Stefan (Paul Wesley) is currently out of the picture doesn't mean that Elena (Nina Dobrev) is just going to fall into the arms (or bed) of Damon (Ian Somerhalder). However, Damon and Elena will be teaming up in a different way. "They are joining forces to try and find Stefan to make sure that he's OK," Dobrev tells us. Will the time apart help or hinder the bond of Stelena? Only time (and more episodes) will tell. "It's going to be one of those situations [where] either absence makes the heart grow fonder or out of sight, out of mind. So, it's going to be interesting to see."

Candice Accola, Michael Trevino, The Vampire Diaries

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Angela_Rocca: Something about Tyler and Caroline on Vampire Diaries, please!
You've heard Kevin Williamson comparing Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Caroline (Candice Accola) to Romeo and Juliet, yes? We brought that up to Candice recently, who had this to say: "That makes me a little bit nervous! But it's still early on. We have a lot of new characters coming on, and hopefully they'll have a more positive ending than Romeo and Juliet." Yeah, let's hope you don't both end up dead. Let's shoot for that for now. But does she mean those new characters might be sweeping Caroline off her stilettos?

@caitlinems White Collar?
We just hit the set and can tell you that something ridiculously insane happens mid-season, so much so that we audibly gasped when they just told us about it. Someone is not safe. Get worried. And get ready for an awesome twist. Sorry to leave you danglin', but we'll definitely have more scoop on the shocking finale real soon!

Nelson in Indiana: I am missing Olivia Wilde on House. How much will we get to see her in the new season?
A source tells me Olivia/Thirteen will be in "very few" episodes of House this season. And Olivia herself tells us: "I'm returning for a limited amount of episodes this season. They've been so gracious to me to let me have time to do movies, and they didn't have to do that. In a way I owe all this [movie career] to House." Nice that she's gracious about it, no?

@Sergi_C_M Will there be something between Odette Annable character and Chase? #House
Yes. I'm told that is currently the plan, and it's gonna be hot and heavy! Honestly, just look at the two of them…how could it not be? They are both genetic wonders of the world. I'm also told that Odette is definitely a series regular this season so we'll be seeing a lot of her. In case you missed it, here are my interviews with Odette and Jesse from the Fox party on Friday…

@ChicaNikki149: In honor of Shane West winning a Teen Choice Award last night, any chance we could get some Michael & Nikita scoopage? :)
Only because you added that emoticon. Just kidding, because we were so excited about Shane's big TCA win, too! A source tells me that Michael and Nikita will still be together, wanting to take down the baddies so they can be a normal, happy couple. Shane himself has this to say: "There will absolutely be roadblocks [for them]. It's very easy to bring them together, and it's very difficult to pull them apart, from a writing perspective, so we have to. I don't know what those roadblocks will be, I think Maggie does. I haven't asked. And just in case I disagree, I don't want to know. So I'll take it episode by episode."

Nautical11: What's the deal with James only doing 7 episodes this season? How will they write him off?
I'm told where he/Nathan is will be a big, long mystery arc this season as they try to find him. With two kids and a hot wife at home, let's hope Nathan's disappearance isn't a voluntary thing.

Katie: One Tree Hill! Anything?
Dan (Paul Johannson) is definitely back to his crazy-pants ways, full force. We can tell you that early on next season, Dan will be threatening someone's life. Or as he says, it's not a threat…it's a promise. But at least this time, he's not threatening the life of one of his family members. Baby steps, people.

Sarah: One Tree Hill scoop please!
Producers are looking for an actor who can do an Eastern European accent for a hit man with a dramatic flair. Wait. What? Hit man? Oh boy, we really like how this is season is shaping up. It wouldn't be right to have normal storylines for our Tree Hill-ers. Who wants to bet that Dan will somehow be involved with this hired gun storyline? And who knew North Carolina was so dangerous?

Theresa in Phoenix, Ariz.: Do you know anything about Chris Keller's return to OTH? I need more info on my boy Tyler Hilton!
You are so in luck. We're talking to Tyler later this week, so we're gonna squeeze scoop out of him so hard, he'll be walking funny for a month! That was gross. Sorry. But send us questions for him anyway?


Michael Yarish/NBC

Lianne from Forest Hills, NY: I just read that the powers that be are considering splitting up Chuck and Sarah on Chuck. PLEASE, please tell me this isn't true?
What?! Split up one of the cutest couples on TV? The couple that just got married? And heading into their final season? That would just be cruel! Never fear, because when we chatted with Yvonne Strahovski at Comic-Con, she had much different plans for Sarah and Chuck (Zachary Levi)…and it involved procreating. That's right, Strahovski is hoping for spy babies! "If they put [the pregnancy] in, it'll be near the end. I can't imagine the spy thing being pregnant, right?" Yeah, you might need to bubble-wrap that bump before getting into fistfights.

crazymxpxfan88: What's in store this season for Parenthood?
We wanna know the same thing. Get out of our heads! But seriously, we posed that exact question to Sam Jaeger at the NBCUniversal All Star Party and he told us what Joel and Julia's (Erika Christensen) main focus will be this year. "We're just battling to try and adopt a baby. Joel has different ways of going about adopting a baby then Julia does," he tells us. "Julia wants to do it her way and chaos ensues."

Samantha in New York City, N.Y.: What is 90210's Annie going to do with all that money Marla left her?
Yeah... about that. We sincerely hope Annie (Shenae Grimes) didn't spend all of it because Marla's family is less than thrilled when they find out and decide to contest the will. And we're thinking that Annie must end up broke because a source tells me she tries something you would never, ever guess in a meeeeeellion years for her new profession. I can't even bring myself to type it out loud. It's sort of hilariously wrong. Like, so wrong it's almost...right.

zindzijade: Please please, anything on Suits! Please!
"The last two episodes are heavy with a lot of stuff—some questions will be answered, some won't," star Gina Torres tells us. Meanwhile, sexy star Gabriel Macht says Harvey reunites with a mentor: "Gary Cole plays a D.A.—I'm basically his Mike. You'll learn why Harvey left the D.A.'s Office and became a corporate lawyer. We slowly see who Harvey is [toward the end of the season]." Adds Gina, "Harvey's really tested as a lawyer and as a man." Will Harvey's protégée be exposed for practicing law without a degree? Patrick J. Adams would only say this: "It's starting to dawn on Mike that it's only a matter of time before things go wrong—and what are we going to do when that time comes?"

Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Castle


martucacomayuca: Anything you can get related to Castle will do it for me.
Penny Jean Harold
 used this word to describe the new season of Castle: "delicious." Speculate on that while we also drop this little bit of scoop from her: The precinct will "never be the same" after Beckett's (Stana Katic) shooting. Does that do it enough for ya? Then how about this: Executive producer Laurie Zaks says that episode two features "the most gruesome murder we've ever had." Yikes.

Greg in Ann Arbor: Do you know what role John Goodman will be playing on Community? Can't wait for the new season!
We got the scoop straight from the lovely Alison Brie: "John Goodman's sort of a rival vice dean. He rivals the dean (Jim Rash, just promoted to series regular) in the administration realm of the school. I think inevitably he will kind of be a rival for the entire study group, as opposed to Pierce (Chevy Chase), who was sort of the bad guy last year. This season Pierce might be less of a villain, and John's sort of taking on that role...I'm sure he can be a scary dude." Don't believe her? Give Barton Fink a look-see.

LU_18: Any info on The Lying Game?
Even though the The Lying Game is geared toward the teen set, don't think that the adults on the show won't be causing trouble of their own. But how is this for awesome: We're getting a flashback prom episode, where the grownups (Adrian Pasdar, Andy Buckley, and Helen Slater) will be in full 1980s prom gear. We saw some photos, and let's just say that someone has a Billy Ray Cyrus mullet.

KellGreen1: Are we going to see Lucy Messer this season on CSI: New York?
Survey says: Yes! Executive producer Pam Veasey tells us we'll see the littlest Messer again: "But she won't be 19 or anything. She'll be her true age. We won't advance her forward and be like. '[Speaks in adult voice] Hi, Mom.'"

Jamie in Brooklyn, N.Y.: Pete Lattimer is one of my favorite characters on TV. Are we gonna get more of his backstory on Warehouse 13?
"Yes—more than you think," showrunner Jack Kenny tell us. "There's a lot of surprises coming." He also added that this season's cliffhanger is "the biggest one yet." Pete himself, Eddie McClintock (McAwesome for short) teases, "We find out who the bad guy was this year [in the cliffhanger]. I was so thrilled, so thrilled, to find out who it was, because he was really responsible for molding who I am as an actor...I used to quote his lines from all his movies for so long and I think the fans are going to love that." Any guesses on who the big bad could be?

Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Ashley in Charleston, S.C.: What is up with Penny and Leonard this season on The Big Bang Theory?
Well, with Leonard's (Johnny Galecki) girlfriend out of sight, he'll definitely be tempted by his old flame, Penny (Kaley Cuoco). "He might be gritting his teeth a lot," Johnny tells us. "I have always loved the relationship with Leonard and Penny. It's one of the first things that made me attracted to the job and want the role so badly. And they have a lot to learn and they seem to have matured slowly." Will Penny go out of her way to win her man back? "I think she's going to fall back in love with him again," she confirms to us.

Sarah in Los Angeles, Calif.: I went and sat through Smurfs just for Neil Patrick Harris. I think I deserve some How I Met Your Mother scoop.
You poor thing! We'll try to ease your pain. Those peeps at HIMYM are uber-secretive about the new season, but NPH did reveal this fun little nugget: "I know very little about How I Met Your Mother except I'm in a dance rehearsal all the time. That's all I can talk about. Expect a big dance coming up," he tells us. What's better than Barney rocking some dance moves? No…wait for it..thing!

Jeff in Irving, Texas: Breaking Bad scoop, if you please.
Think Breaking Bad couldn't get any darker? Just you wait. "My character is really turning," star Bryan Cranston tells us. "The audience from the beginning was sympathetic with me, and now it's testing them to see if they'll allow their sympathies to carry them into the dark side. And it gets darker and darker. It's really cool."

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Drusilla Moorhouse, Christina Dowling and Tierney Bricker

(Originally published Aug. 8, 2011, at 5:14 p.m. PT)

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