Modern Family Drama: Is Maxim Hottie Sandra Vergara Pretending to Be Sofia Vergara's Sister?

Sandra's rep insists that she has sisterly ties to the sitcom star, but Sofia appears to be distancing herself...

By Natalie Finn Aug 08, 2011 9:55 PMTags
Sofia Vergara, Sandra Vergara SGranitz/WireImage

Sofia Vergara has never been shy about discussing her Latin American heritage or growing up in Colombia. But it sounds as if she has an issue with someone else sharing that heritage.

E! News has exclusively learned that the Modern Family star is shaking her head at up-and-coming actress Sandra Vergara, who in a recent Maxim feature was prominently described as "Sofia's little sister" and onetime roommate, because the two of them are not, in fact, biological sisters.

Could Sandra, who says that she lived with Sofia for four years when she first moved to L.A., have possibly concocted a closer relationship between the two for publicity purposes?

Of course not, Sandra's rep assures E! News.

The rep tells us that Sandra is technically Sofia's cousin (the daughter of her mom's sister), but that she was legally adopted by Sofia's parents when she was very young and raised right alongside her. No other details about the timing or reason for the adoption were forthcoming.

Sofia's rep could not be reached for comment. Maxim is not issuing any comment on the family matter, either.

We hear, however, that Sandra is quite hurt that Sofia is making a point to distance herself from the younger Vergara, who probably didn't figure on her first starring role being in a real-life soap opera.