Elisabetta Canalis

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Still trying to decide who won the George Clooney-Elisabetta Canalis breakup?

We say it's pretty obvious (all signs point to George in our books), but crafty Elisabetta isn't going down without a fight. While she blundered in her first post-split public appearance by looking totally dumped in not-so-chic sweatpants, she seems to be getting some of her sex appeal back.

And while rumors swirled that her former BF has a new GF, Elisabetta took to the town with…

Her gal pals!

It's a tried and true method to handle the breakup blues—bringing out your BFFs to replace the BF. Thing is, Elisabetta still hasn't done anything splashy to show Georgey what he's missing out on since dumping her fancy derriere.

See, while George is out stirring the rumor mill with a (dubious) hook-up avec wrestlin' chick Stacey Keibler, Elisabetta is simply sipping wine with her gal pals and, we figure, dissing her former flame.

E.C. was spotted at AGO restaurant in West Hollywood with her friends, including actress Carla Gugino, where the girls spent the night drinking wine and feasting on filet mignon and langoustine. How tres chic.

"She looked radiant and seemed really carefree," a source inside the eatery spilled.

Well, way to live it up, Betty! But as we've said before, a better eff you to the bachelor would be to show him that he's made a massive mistake. Ya know, like when Kristin Cavallari said "Jay Cutler who?" and flipped some burgers in a teeny tiny bikini.

Guess Elisabetta is taking the "high road" or whatever. How very un-reality star of her.

Movin' on from breakups to hookups…

Sometime ladies man Kevin Connolly was desperate to keep his cuddles with a certain cutie co-star on the downlow. The Entourage actor was spotted sneaking into the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launch at The Beverly with Emmanuelle Chriqui, but the dude and date got mighty pissy with anyone who tried to snap their pic.

So pissy that Kev started screaming when he saw someone sneak a photo of him and Em together. He proceeded to have the photog thrown out of the place, tho the pair still remained glued together all night.

Hey Kevin, don't bring your missus out in public—especially to a PR event of all palces—if you can't stand the publicity, ‘K?

Maybe it's time you take some tips from buddy Leonardo DiCaprio (or better yet his paparazzi-lovin' GF Blake Lively) on how to handle a relaysh in the lime light.

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