Nick Jonas

If you saw Hairspray performed at the Hollywood Bowl last weekend, you're probably still slightly deaf from the pandemonium, screaming and screeching caused by thousands of young girls, all panting for 18-year old Nick Jonas

Jeez, how does the JoBro feel about it all?

First of all, gotta say: Poor John Stamos, Drew Carey, Harvey Fierstein and Marissa Jaret Winokur, because every single time Nick was on the stage, there was so much Beatles-like audience meltdown, you could barely hear the other actors' lines.

And getting backstage after the show was even worse, with mothers literally using their children as human weapons to get closer to Nick—huddling them and moving them forward stealthily.

Great parenting, indeed! So what does Nicky say about it?

"Oh, man it's pretty intense," he said with is mother, Denise, closing guarding his side. "Too much sometimes."

Much older GF Delta Goodrem must have been off chatting with somebody else, maybe sexy John Stamos, who was literally kissing every thing he could backstage. Like a true Blind Vice Hall of Famer should be doing!

I told N.J. he must feel bad for the rest of his cast mates when Nick-mania takes over, and he just shrugged his shoulders, smiled and actually blushed. Do people still do that in Hollywood? (Something tells me Delta's well past her blushing stage.)

No, literally, how do you put up with it, I said, after I told Jonas I had to battle with commando-type mothers outside the stage entrance—making it a literally death-defying experience.

"Sometimes I just try another way out, any way out," sighed the exceedingly polite Nick, who bats his eyelashes and dips his head a bit when he talks. Not even Bieber is this shy, trust.

But, true to form, Nick did not opt for a secret exit at the Bowl, once he decided to venture out, and he braved the fans just the same.

Oh, and right before he split, I asked Stamos—what with all the Kardashian hoopla going on for Kim's upcoming marriage to Kris Humphries—what he'd get Kim for a wedding gift.

"Do not ask me that," the hunky Glee star demanded. "Because that is stupid."

And then he kissed me.

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