Nick Jonas, Delta Goodrem

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Dear Ted:
What's the truth with Nick Jonas and this Delta Goodrem? Are they the real deal or is he just helping her out a little? I've never heard about her until she's been spotted with him. What could a previously engaged 26 year old Aussie want with an 18 year old Jonas Brother?

Dear Eight Year Diff:
He's not just helping her out, hon, they're totes into each other behind closed doors. Sort of. As for their attraction to each other, have you seen what a cutie-patootie Nick is? Who wouldn't want him as their handsome li'l cub? And as for Delta, she's a pretty hot young cougar herself, not gonna lie. Purr.

Dear Ted:
Can you please stop printing the constant rants of the William Fichtner lover and your dearest francophone "Rita"!! It seems like I can't read one dang BB without seeing Rita's showboating theories on Alexander Skarsgård and Robsten or Diane and her creepy obsession. You are just feeding the monster, don't encourage them. Don't they have anything better to do than constantly attempt to get their name on your blog? It's annoying. Let some others have a crack at you!

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Dear Equal Rights:
When you send me mail as creatively warped as this on a daily basis, then your moniker will be in plenty of Bitch-Backs, Fichtner lover or not. That's the way the Awful world works, sweetie. But trust me, I try to answer as many Q's as you all can send.

Dear Ted:
You said that Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons aren't, and never were, dating—so how do you explain this? I love you Ted, but I found it odd that you completely dismissed the rumors that they were dating, and now there's full-on proof!

Dear Caught!:
Ta-da! They were busy walking three-feet apart everywhere and their reps denied any smooching, but, thank heavens it all turned out to be true—as these babes are definitely smoochin' off-screen. Tho trust, it's recent. Happy? BTDubs loves this pairing!

Dear Ted:
I've noticed the couple moniker "JustJen" being used for Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston on a few Blogs. What do you think of it? P.S. Are we ever going to see your kids again or what? I miss Margo!

Dear Margo Misser:
Margo and Charlie are lovely and cute as pies, thanks for asking. As for JustJen, makes me think of her singleton self a little too much, know what I mean? Still deciding what I like tho. Maybe Jenroux? It's so French dawling.

Dear Ted:
I think Robert Pattinson is a total hunk, however, what's up with that weird new hairdo of his? I know he probably had to get that awkward haircut for his newest movie Cosmopolis, but come on—the shoot is over and so the new look should go.

Dear Hair Don't:
Totally agree, but problem is his hair needs to grow first. Toupees don't work, as Donald Trump has proven. If his gorgeous locks haven't returned in a month or two, then I give you full permission to rag on him big time. Start the countdown.

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