Are you ready to break out your best Mick Jagger dance moves?!

Good! Because we've got the world premiere of Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" video and it's pretty hard not to jam out to this song along with the awesome Jagger dancers!

Plus the high-energy video directed by Jonas Åckerlund has everything anyone would ever need to enjoy themselves, like:

  1. Tons of shirtless Adam Levine
  2. Christina Aguilera being her divalicious self
  3. Hot lady Mick Jagger impersonators 
  4. Actual footage of the Rolling Stones front man (for the kids)
  5. Confetti (which should never be underrated)

Is there anything else you might need? Adam even goes all out with his dancing!

Tell us, did you have as much fun as us watching the clip?!

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