"Uh oh. We're dead."

This is what James Denton tells me he thought upon reading the first script for the new season of Desperate Housewives, long before the news was made official yesterday.

So what was so telling? Was the script that bad?! And what do he and Felicity Huffman have to say about how it will all wrap up? Will they get a happy ending?

Check out the video interviews above!

"When we started getting the script for this year," Denton reveals, "it felt so much like a full circle I was like 'Uh oh, We're dead!' They were saying it could be two more [episodes] and I said, 'I don't know.' Because a lot of themes from season one are coming back. I think the audience will really love it. It'll be a fun way to go out."

Denton admits he's a little shocked by ABC's decision to pull the plug. "We were a little surprised," he tells me. "Because the audience has held up, particularly internationally. But there's something to be said for leaving the party early, or at least not leaving too late."

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Felicity tells me she also didn't see it coming, but there is a silver lining. "I'm really appreciative to ABC for treating it so respectfully that they gave us nine months and the writers can work backwards from an ending that I think has been in Marc Cherry's brain for eight years now. I'm grateful...and I'm really sad."

As for how Lynette and Tom might sail off into the sunset, Felicity says: "Now that it's the end, all bets are off in terms of Lynette and Tom. I mean, if it was going to year nine, you know that they'd have to have some kind of reconciliation. But now they don't have to get back together. They don't have to end up together. They can do anything. They don't have to make the fans happy. The Sopranos, nobody liked that ending. I don't think they liked the ending of Seinfeld either. I think the writers work to please their fans, but also it's their vision. And I also think..."

Cut to black.

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