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So True So False, STSF

Britney Spears has raised quite a few eyebrows with her sometimes-questionable parenting in the past (remember that time she drove down the freeway with her son sitting on her lap? Yikes!).

But it's her former hubby Kevin Federline who's in the daddy doghouse this time, according to recent reports by InTouch Weekly. The tabloid says Brit-Brit demanded her two sons be flown out to her on the East Coast after Jayden suffered an eye injury while in K.Fed's care.

Seems like Britney was "so upset" when she found that Jayden received stitches after falling face-first into a cabinet, that the pop star even went so far as to contact a plastic surgeon for a professional opinion.

So does Brit really think Kevin is a neglectful dad? And is Jayden really suffering a serious ocular war wound? Put your plastic surgery appointment on hold, because this one is…

So false!

Or as Britney's people put it, total "bulls#!t"!

Team Spears took to the songstress' official site to blast one of their BS Alerts rebuking the tabloid rumors that her son nearly lost an eye while K.Fed was fathering him.

Probably more damning was the nasty allegations within the story that the real reason Britney requested her kiddos make the cross-country trek was that she didn't want them around when Kevin's GF, Victoria Prince, pops out the couple's upcoming child.

Well then, good thing it's totally untrue!

Brit was even seen relaxing with Jayden—and elder son, Sean, too—this weekend as the family took to the high seas for an afternoon excursion on a boat in Long Island, New York. And for the whole "scary" ordeal that allegedly went down, Jayden didn't look any worse for the wear.

And you know what they say, pictures don't lie!

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