Jenni Farley, JWoww

MTV; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

When we tuned into the season premiere of Jersey Shore last night we momentarily wondered who the new castmate was and why the eff no one had told us that our fave busty bey-otch, Jennifer "JWoww" Farley, was bailing on the reality hit.

Way to leave a guido brother out of the loop, you hot-tubbing tools!

Then we realized that the two ladies were one in the same—minus one par-tick thing:

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Like some serious poundage (probably one Snooki's worth if you're using the metric system).

OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but blame it on the fact that we're still hungover from simply watching their wild Euro partying. It's hard to mistake the fact that JWoww touched down in Italy seriously slimmed down.

How very Hollywood of her!

We adore the whole Jersey gang (minus a certain drama-filled duo, but that's beside the point), so our worry for Jenni is out of love, trust. We just don't want her to get so skinny that she can't hold her own during the countless bar brawls she'll inevitably encounter this season.

Hopefully she'll fit a healthy serving of spaghetti and garlic bread in between body shots at the Leaning Tower of Pisa and T-shirt time at the Roman Colosseum.

But what say you? Must admit, the chick's changing image has gone from trashy to va-va-voom (thanks in large part to ditching the skunky two-tone hair 'do of yesteryear), but do you think that JWoww's shrinking waistline is an upgrade or a downgrade?

And check out Awful Truth Monday morning to weigh in on some more of T-town's other reformed beach bods. Until then, viva la Jersey!

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