Amanda Seyfried


Dear Ted:
A while back Amanda Seyfried was dating Ryan Phillippe I kept thinking she doesn't look all bubbly and happy anymore. Then I saw part of an interview at Comic-Con, and she still didn't remind me of the old Amanda I adore so much. Is something going on or is she just making weird faces?

Dear Sey It Ain't So:
Mandy has definitely changed since her Mean Girls days, but that's not uncommon for H'wood hotties making it on the big screen (and in the tabloids!). That said, her Vice isn't a new one so she hasn't changed all that much, doll. Whatever, still heart the babe and have my fingers crossed that she'll call up fellow blondie Alexander Skarsgård to rekindle their one-time romance.

Dear Ted:

Does Andrew Garfield have a Blind Vice? I'm still thinking his relationship with Emma Stone is a publicity stunt for the new Spidey film.

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Dear Tingling Senses:
Nope, A.Garf (and Emma for that matter) are Vice free. And while their relaysh is muy convenient, this one isn't strictly for show. These two have great chemistry so just chalk it up to kissing costars that made it work. Like it would be the first time that's happened in this town.

Dear Ted:
So with Glee emerging as the monster hit that it has become, which male and female of the young cast has remained down-to-earth and which have let the fame monster change them for better or worse? Also if you ventured a guess, which of the cast (other than the Big 3) do you think will make it big after Glee is over?
—Miss Cindy

Dear Grounded Gleek:
Cory Monteith
has managed to not let his head get too big—a bunch of the supporting peeps too. And the par-tick persons who may or may not be getting divalicious these days, well... I plead the fifth! As for the future, Darren Criss just landed a gig opposite blockbuster funny lady Kristen Wiigthat's a pretty big deal, no?

Dear Ted:
Why the infatuation with Snow White? There's one with Lily Colins and Kristen Stewart but now there are talks of there being a new contender in the battle. Rumor is that Disney has chosen Natalie Portman to be their Snow White. I ask you, Who do you think is the fairest of them all? Lily, Kristen or Natalie? My money's on Kristen because this type of movie isn't her forte but I know she has some tricks up her sleeve.

Dear Mirror Mirror:
The same reason there's so many superhero flicks—‘cause it's a successful story that the studios know will get fans in Cineplex seats. And of the two Miss Whites that have already been cast (Disney's warrior woman has yet to be picked, despite any rumors), I'm more excited for K.Stew's—duh. Can't wait to see her kick some ass!

Dear Ted:
I've watched last week's True Blood episode again, you know the one where finally Sookie and Eric get it on, and I have to say, I am sticking with my first assessment. It lacked heat, it lacked passion, an absolute Coitus-interrompus. However, this time around, I took the time to really look at the scene, appreciating Mr. Skarsgård tall and lanky perfect form. Maybe that's why you enjoyed the scene more than I did; For if we are rating hot forms, Mr. Skarsgård deserves an A-. Why A- you say? Well, cher monsieur, we are still to rate the front before giving an all over grade!

Dear Swam Monster:
Now on that we can agree, Rita! And while I dug the first time this twosome did it, I'm hoping the next time we get a peak of Skars's derriere, it's during one of True Blood's typically randy sex scenes—now that Eric and Sooks got the love makin' out of the way it's time to get wild.

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