Ryan Gosling

Courtesy Sara Smigen

We'll 'fess: We think Ryan Gosling is hot, hot, hot.

But we never really kept that a secret, did we? So when we peeped pics of Ry on the set of his latest movie, The Place Beyond the Pines, we were almost too distracted by his bleach blonde 'do—we love it, btw—and tatted muscles to care when we heard his 'tude may be less than perfect.

So is the devilishly handsome dude throwing some total diva fit?

Not exactly:

One of our loyal E! viewers turned intrepid civilian reporter dished about her run-in with Ryan and his hunky costar, Bradley Cooper, on the movie set in her native stomping grounds of upstate New York.

"It's really cool having them film here," budding journo Sara from Niskayuna spilled to us. "Especially because the majority of the world thinks that upstate...must be a barren wasteland of farms and the occasional case of inbreeding."

A barren wasteland of farms, incest—and movie stars!

But back to the important deets! Like the apparent bromance brewing between Ryan and Bradley!

Our spy tells us Gos and B.Coop hit up the local burrito/taco/wing hot spot, Bomber's, a few times last week and caused utter chaos. And while the food sounds absolutely delish (and rumor has it their margaritas are the size of a human head), we're sure the patrons were way more excited about their brush with Hollywood.

While it lasted, at least.

"Obviously they can't go back anymore because everyone goes there looking for them," Sara warned.

While Ry seems to be enjoying palling around with his new best bud, he doesn't seem to be lovin' the attention from his many adoring fans. But, that didn't stop his four legged friend from soaking in the limelight.

"My friends and I got to meet Ryan's dog George because he was wandering around the trailers that were all parked in my high school's parking lot yesterday," Sara says. "George was very friendly and very well behaved...I must say he rocks the Mohawk rather well."

Aw, sounds adorable. But sadly, Georgey also sounds more approachable that Mr. Gosling himself.

Sara explains, "The girls in front of us asked Ryan for a picture as he was entering his trailer and he said 'In a minute,' but sadly no picture, even when he came back out to get in the van. Oh, well."

Too lame! Maybe the fine folks of upstate will have better luck with Bradley.

And we hear the moms especially are dying to see him—how R.Pattz can you get?

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