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After all your feedback about Darren Criss and Daniel Radcliffe's twin careers, we wanted to clarify something:

We fully agree Darren's 100 percent deserving of all the fame and opportunities he is receiving. He's our teenage dream, too! Why the hell do you think we were writing about him? We were simply noting that Dan and Darren have taken remarkably similar career paths.

And as we said, coincidence or not, that's not a bad thing.

So, of course, we're back to gab about sexy Criss with suggestions of what else he could do to set himself apart not only from DanRad, but H'wood in general:

Take Team StarKid to the Next Level: Darren's already proved himself to be a capable songwriter and producer. So why not aim for a feature film? If Ben Affleck and Matt Damon can win an Oscar for Best Screenplay, there's no doubt that Darren can. It should be a comedy, maybe one throwing in his singing chops? We'd be interested to see an adaptation of A Very Potter Musical for the big screen. Or is that subject too raw right now?

Get His Voldemort On! While Daniel shone as hero Harry Potter, we have doubts about his ability to be a convincing bad guy. But we can totally see Darren rocking a villain role, but not one of those creepy, lurk-in-the-shadows kind of guys. We're thinking maybe a devilishly charming young man with a hidden dark side, something along the lines of American Psycho. And a maniacal laugh is an absolute must.

Keep the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets! Fans swooned (us included) when those wet, shirtless pics of Darren emerged earlier this year. But we have to admit, we're slightly relieved Darren hasn't dropped trou yet. No offense, Danny, but deciding to go full-frontal for Equus may not have been your most fab hour, gutsy as it was. And we're not usually the ones to condone keeping clothes on, trust!

Go Full-On Fashionista! Darren's token pink sunglasses are oh-so chic. And we're willing to bet he could rake in some serious dough should he ever decide to officially trademark those babies. But why stop there? Like his Glee counterpart, Darren has that preppy school-boy-esque style that looks effortlessly cool. A Darren-inspired clothing wouldn't be out of the question. And we're sure girls would be begging for their BFs to don Darren's duds.

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