Rutina Wesley, Rihanna, Amanda Seyfried, Taylor Swift,Tom Hardy

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Kate Bosworth certainly doesn't nurse a broken heart for long.

Even though she's barely been split from True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgård for a week now, K.B. looks like she's already snatched up another piece of man candy. So we think it's only fair that we help A.Skars get his rebound on by pairing him up with some of T-town's most snoggable ladies.

And this time, we're hoping that relaysh is more sexy than snooze-worthy!

Let's face it, tho the blonde duo sure did look cute together, we were never fans of this par-tick pairing. Maybe it's just because the twosome looked totally miserable as BF and GF. So who should Alex bring to the Straw Dogs premiere to show up costar Kate?

Rutina Wesley, Rihanna, Amanda Seyfried, Taylor Swift or...Tom Hardy?!

First up is True Blood ball-breaker Rutina, who plays Alex's onscreen foe Tara. If that HBO hookup connection can work for Anna Paquin and her hubby, Stephen Moyer, then we think the Bon Temps lightning can strike twice! Maybe all that hatred between their characters will spark a love connection.

If you haven't noticed, Alex has a thing for his cutie costars, so next up is Battleship babe Rihanna. The two would definitely look handsome hitting the red carpet for their latest flick, and party girl Ri-Ri could show A.Skars what it's like to actually have fun when the two inevitably take their romance to Coachella.

Next up is a blast from Skarsgård's past: Amanda Seyfried. Amanda 'fessed up to Elle that the twosome had a quickie relaysh but she was too involved with another former flame at the time. But since they're both single now, why not revisit it for an über-randy round two? Plus, the babe isn't afraid of a little PDA, which we love.

Then there's Taylor Swift, who hasn't met the TV vamp (as far as we know), but she's exactly his type: blonde. Plus the somewhat-unlikely twosome have another thing in common: They both know the power of the paparazzi. So even if it doesn't work out, they'll spark some buzz and Tay will have material for her next song!

Or he can get even more attention by dating a dude! And we have just the guy in mind: Tom Hardy. While both guys like the ladies, neither has been shy when it comes to talking about guy-on-guy sexin'. Remember, like, forever ago when Tommy was quoted as saying he'd experimented in the past? And A.Skars is totally comfortable with getting his gay on onscreen, so why not take his work home with him?

Plus, Tom has tons of muscles and manliness to hold onto—so the opposite of stick-thin Kate. Would be sweet!

So which delish darling (or token dude) do you think Alexander should call his beau next?

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