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You know all those questions you have about CW's next season? Because we are also huge fans of Supernatural, One Tree Hill, and the rest, we have the same questions.

Is season seven of Supernatural the last? How many episodes is James Lafferty really appearing in on One Tree Hill's final season? Why didn't The Vampire Diaries get extra episodes like Nikita and 90210 did? Don't worry, CW Boss Mark Pedowitz took all our questions, and cranked out many answers…

According to Pedowitz, this coming season of fan favorite Supernatural is "not intended" to be the final season. "We'll see where the ratings go. I personally hope, and everybody at the CW hopes, that this show keeps on going. So for the moment we're looking at it one season at a time."

Do the math, guys. You watch the show, it comes back. That's usually how the TV biz works. Don't let Jensen and Jared go anywhere, ya hear? They are the true reason behind the success of the show, after all. "It's about the love of two brothers," Pedowitz says as to why SPN has continued on. "It's not about the demon of the week. It's about the love of two brothers and two really good looking guys."

James Lafferty, One Tree Hill

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Fans of OTH have been jerked around concerning original cast member James Lafferty and his number of episodes. Some people hear he's only appearing in a few. We heard he'll definitely be in more than a few. And it sounds like Pedowitz confirms our theory: "I do know it's for multiple." That wasn't answer enough for us, so we pressed Paul Hewitt, head of publicity, for an exact number, which he finally gave up. "It's actually seven [episodes]."

We guess that's enough Nathan Scott for the final season. Oh, who are we kidding? Give us every episode or give us death! Sorry, the Diet Coke we've been chugging just kicked in.


Chad Michael Murray told us last week that he would "absolutely" come back on OTH if they asked him. Unfortunately, as of right now, that's not happening. "At this point, he's not coming back. We hope he'll come back," Pedowitz says. "We're going to try and reexamine it as the season goes on. But at this point other original cast members may return and more cast changes and what's going on will be talked about by Mark Schwahn at a later point."

Vampire Diaries devotees were in an uproar this week when they found out 90210, Nikita, Supernatural, and Gossip Girl extra episodes tacked onto their new seasons, while TVD remained at its normal 22 order. When we find out we missed an opportunity to get more Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, we understandably get a bit peeved with the rest of you. But when you hear Pedowitz's reasoning, you can't get mad anymore.

"The only reason you did not [get more episodes] is because we could not achieve it on a production basis. Kevin Williamson felt to make the best show possible he needed to do 22. I'd rather have a great 22 than 24 if Kevin couldn't do it." And what will we be getting from those 22 episodes? "There will be the triangle between Stefan, Damon and Elena (Nina Dobrev). We will see if Stefan can stay evil or good. And we'll definitely see where Klaus (Joseph Morgan) goes and whether the hybrids will work."

Here are the rest of the highlights from the CW presentation:

  • Want more than half a season of One Tree Hill? Pedowitz says "at this point, it's just thirteen [episodes]." But he keeps hope alive for more OTH by adding: "never say never."
  • Gossip Girl's cast is taking big leaps to the movie screen (Blake Lively anyone?), so the future of the show was brought up during the presentation. "We hope that Blake and the whole cast stay together as long as possible. We'll cross that bridge with the studio, and we'll see what we can do."
  • On attaining Ringer after CBS passed on it: "I'm grateful to Nina Tassler and CBS to allow us Ringer. [After seeing it], we came to the conclusion that we had to have it. And to have Sarah Michelle Gellar back on the's a beautiful thing."
  • If Smallville ending left a hole in your superhero-loving heart, CW might have a remedy soon. "We're looking next year at doing superheroes, if the right superhero [show comes along]," Pedowitz says.

Do these answers leave you with more questions? You know where to leave them! Head on down to vent, celebrate, or whatever it is you crazy kids do on the Internet.

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