Katie Couric Wants to "Castrate" Miley Cyrus?!

While appearing on The View, the mother of two chooses the wrong word when describing how she feels about the young celeb

By Bruna Nessif Aug 04, 2011 1:45 AMTags

It's just another day on The View, and today  Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Barbara Walters and Sherri Shepard were joined with first-time guest cohost Katie Couric.

After discussing color choices for their wardrobe, the show opened with a conversation that focused on Miley Cyrus and the recent photo of her smoking a cigarette, which led to a debate about whether or not she's a good role model for young fans.

Well, the new ABC talk-show host must have forgotten that the young actress and singer was a female when arguing her point of view...

Couric admits that being a mother of a teen and young adult, it bothers her to see stars, like Cyrus, exercising bad habits. 

Goldberg quickly rebutted saying, as a smoker herself, she doesn't feel as though she is a bad role model for kids (Whoopi was on Sesame Street, remember?) and should be able to participate in her adult privileges without worrying about how that reflects onto her young fan base.

Just like 18-year-old Miley shouldn't have to.

Well, Couric understood that point, and tried to explain it by saying, "I'm not gonna castrate Miley Cyrus, but …"

Hmmm, castrate?

We're pretty sure she meant to say castigate, but Behar was quick to pick up on it and said, "Miley has a penis?!"

Walters, being the kind woman she is, extended an offer for some sex education after the show to Couric.

Watch the clip to see how it all happened!